Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A day in the life of Gary (morning time)

After sleeping for 18 hours straight
on a king size bed I stretch a few times give the legs a bit of a shake  and spend time with the humans or as I like to call it a bit of mc loving. Then spent a half hour meowing at the closed door until the tall thin human with long hair and strange accent that i cant understand a word he says gets up and let's me out .  But just when i think im on my way to freedom i am met by another door . This is where I start getting bored  of this door lark. So after an hour trying to get attention I finally get to the promised land the kitchen. That's when I fill my boots of what the humas have given me.
As being a gentleman I always let the older mean and moody black cat

have her fill first. Now finally I'm on my way out the front door to where the fun begins 

To be continued .....

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