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Most famous Internet cats

Most Famous Internet Cats of 2012

famous internet cats

Apart from Garfield and Cheshire, how many famous cats do you know? Unlike Hollywood stars who have a great many ways to promote themselves, cats’ resources are rather limited and come down to online promotion :) . Some of them remain popular for a long time, others disappear the next day. Let’s have a look at still poplular and new Internet cat-stars. 

Tard the Grumpy Cat

Here it is! One of the most recognizable cats’ faces that gave birth to multiple memes. Tardar Sauce or just Tard the grumpy cat gained its fame after its pictures were posted to Reddit on September 2012. Who could think that the Reddit post would reach more than 25, 000 upvotes in only 24 hours!

On September 27th, Grumpycats.com was created as the official homepage for Tard full  videos, images and news mentions of the cat. On October 3rd, an official Twitter account was also launched.


Spangles the Cross Eyed

Spangles lives in Spartanburg, S.C. with his sisters, brothers and their owner Mary Buchanan. The cross-eyed cat became an Internet sensation due to its funny costumes that Mary buys to her lovely pet for each occasion. You can check for more pics of Spangles on his Facebook account.


Maru the Box King

Maru is a Scottish Fold who lives in Japan together with its master. Once, his master uploaded avideo on YouTube with Maru playing with a box. She wanted to know if this “attraction to box” was normal for cats. Since that time videos with Maru have been viewed over 158 million times, and its channel is one of the most popular in Japan. There have been also published 2 books with Maru’s photos and two DVDs with its videos. If you like Maru, you can subscribe to its tumblr.


Colonel Meow the Angriest Cat

On October 11th, 2011 Anne Mare Avey adopted a grey grumpy Seattle cat. In August she opened a Facebook pagededicated to it and already in October 2012 there were over 34, 000 fans who almost fell in love with Colonel Meow angry face. As it’s written on the official page, Colonel likes to sleep, is afraid of birds and wants to dominate the world.

Check for Colonel Meow’s video on YouTube.

Colonel Meow

Snoopy the Cutest Cat

Meet Snoopy! Without doubt, it has all the right to be called “the cutest cat ever”. An exotic short-hair cat born on May 11th, 2011 in Beijing, Snoopy quickly became a new Instagram star with its extrasweet pics. At first Snoopy’s master posted its pics on her own blog, but then gave the cat its own platform which earn thousands of fans.



Simon’s cat

This white fat fellow was created in 2008 by the British animator Simon Tofield. The cat has become extremely popular and now you can find plenty of goods with its image. There have already been released 4 books with the adventures of Simon’s cat and numerous shots on YouTube produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

simons cat

Maria Van Bruggen’s cat

Maria van Bruggen – one of the world published fantasy artists and illustrators gave birth to funny yellow cats that she publishes on her deviantartprofile. The images of these fluffy cats are widely used all over the Web. They even appeared at the ESPN network awards in 2010 and were photographed with celebrities such as Hill Harper. If you check eBay or Amazon, you’ll find a lot of souvenirs and collectable items with Maria’s painted cats.

Maria vanBruggen's cat

Who knows, maybe your cat can become famous too? Make a photo presentation of your little friend with Freemake Video Converter and let the world see it!

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