Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ten crazy things cats do

Anyone who lives with a cat knows that they were lucky to be chosen by that cat. You also know that the day you brought your little fur ball home, your house became the property of the cat, and you get visitation rights. Cats are amazing animals that bring so much happiness and love to the people they own. Of course, they do some pretty strange things and everyone owned by a cat has wondered, "Why do they do that?"
The first cat imponderable is cats chasing their tails. Why do they do that? It's not like the tail is an add on. They were born with them. Yet cats of all ages, kittens and adults, find the need to chase their tails. It's almost as if they think this weird thing is attacking them and they must run in circles to catch it. Just as strange is when they catch their tail. They look at it for a second as if wondering what happened and then begin chasing all over again. They eventually find something else more interesting or get tired, but don't worry; the attacking tail will be back tomorrow.
Second, why do cats always stand in front of the computer screen while you are on the computer? The computer goes unnoticed all day. The cat naps all day, yet when you turn on the computer to do a little work or surf the web, the cat is right there in the way. It does not matter how small the cat is, they block the whole screen so you can't see anything. And don't even try to push them out of the way. They just come back more determined to block your view!
Another strange thing about cats is that they love the little plastic tops from milk cartons. Cat people know what I'm talking about. When you first open a carton of milk, the little piece of plastic that most people discard, becomes the cat's newest toy. You can go to the store and buy the fanciest, most expensive toy and they will ignore it. Open a carton of milk and they are in kitty heaven. If a diet became popular in America that banned milk, cats everywhere would protest. Nothing comes in between a cat and their plastic milk topper.
Another amazing catism is that they come running whenever they hear the can opener. It's like Pavlov's dogs, but better. In a cat's world, the can opener means the certainty of a delicious treat. Don't even think about opening a can for something you are going to eat. If you do that be prepared for whining and begging from your cat, and you most certainly will not be able to enjoy your meal. The basic rule of cats is if you get a treat they get a treat.
You should also remember that cats must inspect anything brought into their house. It doesn't matter if it's groceries, presents, or new furniture. Cats must inspect the new addition to their homes and it must be cat approved. After all, anything you buy is for the cat, isn't it? And don't worry, if the cat doesn't like it, you'll know.
Another wonderful thing about cats is that they find the need to stick their butts in our faces. How gross is that?! I guess it's their way of making sure you noticed them. If the meowing and pawing don't get it, the butt never fails at getting your attention. It's just another little reminder that cats rule their house and you must always put the cat's needs first.
A funny thing about our feline friends is that they chase imaginary bugs. You'll be sitting at home enjoying a good book or watching television when, all of a sudden, your cat goes crazy. They start staring at the wall or the carpet and you look around to see what has grasped their attention, and nothing is there. Cats will intently stare at the same spot and nothing will distract them. Every once in a while the something will move and the cat will quickly adjust its stare. Yet, you still cannot see anything. Maybe cats are just more observant and intelligent. That's probably the case. Just ask a cat, it will tell you this.
Everyone knows that cats hate water, yet they always seem to be intrigued by the shower. Some cats will stare at it when it is on, wondering why anyone would venture inside. Other, braver, cats will venture to the outer limits of the shower inquisitively checking it out. And when the water is turned off, they love to lick up the remaining water on the floor of the shower or tub. It's almost as if the cats are attempting to save us from the torturous water.
Another interesting thing about cats is that they always have to sniff your hands after you eat seafood. It doesn't matter if you washed your hands five times before visiting with your cat. Cats can always smell the traces of a great seafood meal. And that is not good for you. You must always share with your cat. After your delicious meal your cat will intently sniff your hand. The longer they sniff the longer they wonder why this tasty meal was not shared with your pride and joy, your cat.
And finally, one more crazy thing cats do. They must always crawl into discarded shopping bags, boxes, or whatever they can fit into. Even the heftiest cats will find a way to fit into a small bag or box. Even if all that will fit in a bag is your cat's head, they will fit their head into it and assume that because they can't see anybody, nobody can see them. And don't leave anything valuable in a box, because your cat will squish it.
Isn't it fun being owned by a cat?

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